Mp3 Book Helper

Revision History

Version 2.3.4 (Released: September 17, 2004)

Version 2.3.3 (Released: December 23, 2003)

<T><CodePage#1, CodePage#2> and <T><transformation filename>

Version 2.3.2 (Released: June 16, 2003)

1&2 mode:

Shows v1 tags and if empty show v2

Sets v1 and then copy to v2

2&1 mode:

Shows v2 tags and if empty show v1

Sets v2 and then copy to v1

Version 2.3.1 (Released: April 30, 2003)

Version 2.3.0

Version 2.2.9

CSV Comma and quotes delimited,

CSV Comma delimited values

Text Tab delimited

<XS><skip><what> and <XE><what><skip>

Version 2.2.8

Version 2.2.7

<Count>, <Total>, <Title>, <Album>, <Book>, <File>, <Artist>, <Author>

<Track#>, <Genre>, <Year>, <Comment>, <ReadBy>, <Composer>

Version 2.2.6

Version 2.2.5

Version 2.2.4

Version 2.2.3

Version 2.2.2

If it has -(minus) than it makes two fields first Author and after - Book

if not the same name go to Author and Book. Will add Regular Expression in next version

Version 2.2.1

Edit Box Book/Album - show distinct Albums from ID3v1 and ID3v2

and if empty Extract from Directory name

Edit Box Author/Artist - show distinct Artist from ID3v1 and ID3v2

and if empty Extract from Directory name

Directory name format for extraction:

Artist Name - Book Title

Version 2.2.0

from Existing tags, File or Directory names..... See how it works.

Edit Box File Name - show recently used Masks for File Names

Edit Box Track Title - show recently used Masks for Track Title

Edit Box Book/Album - show distinct Albums from ID3v1 and ID3v2

Edit Box Author/Artist - show distinct Artist from ID3v1 and ID3v2

Edit Box Year - show distinct Years from ID3v1 and ID3v2

Edit Box Comment - show distinct Comments from ID3v1 and ID3v2 as well recently used Masks

Edit Box Read by - show distinct Composers from ID3v2 and Extract from Comments

'read by', 'narrated by', 'reader', 'readby', 'rdr', 'rd ', 'narrated' and 'narrator'

- Store Window Position in INI file

- Additional window 'Select Directory'

- Added SFV or NFO files extensions if one is not supplied in dialog.

- Added $0 mask Fill the same size as counter using 0 or see options

- Added Configuration options, persistent in .ini file

- File name mask for NFO, SFV in options.

This masks are resolved base on first file ($I=1) ID3v2 tag if not empty otherwise based

on ID3v1 tag information.

- You could change file extension in FileMask now

Just add .Mp3 or .nFo if you don't like lowercase.

Last . (Dot) will not remove extension from file!

- Improved Preview of Current Mask. Selecting different mask will

show what will happen to this file "Current mask yields:".

If View/Edit All selected all other field would be applied but shown only selected.

Truncated fields/tags would be in red! And yields label would Red if any tag truncated.

- Improved rename algorithm to check for conflict with existing files other than in

list to be renamed.

- Set, Copy, Remove Tags and Generate SFV now runs in different Thread so main window will

not freeze.

- If MaxDuration or MaxSize = 0 then no limitations to Playlist creation.

- Before making tag or renaming files all files in list would be cheeked for write access.

Error message "Close file in another application and start again." would be displayed

and action cancelled. This could happen if you listening to mp3 and at the same time

Added the tags.

- New feature SmartTrim for shortening Tags and File name within a given limit.

This is how it works: Remove ' ' (Double spaces), Remove 'The' and finally Spaces.

If results were trimmed then 'mask yields:' it would be Blue if truncated then Red.

Version 2.1.2

Version 2.1

Version 2.0


Originally Created by Tim Meneely.

Since v2.0 maintenance by

Version 1.1

- Added Simple File Verify (SFV) Checksum files creation.

Version 1.0

February 20, 2001: General update:

- Added file renaming capability. This has access to all the ID3 tags, as well as

sequential numbering and total number of tracks.

- Added the ability to sort the tag grid by clicking on the columns. This was a

pain for some programming reasons, but became desirable with the file renaming.

- In the "Menu - Select File" option, started saving the most recently used

directory from session to session. (I didn't think of this initially because I

almost always use Explorer's drag-and-drop function to get files).

February 16, 2001: General update:


Fixed a bug - if you loaded some MP3's without ID3 tags set, there was some

interaction where setting the tag for one file set supposedly non-affected tags

in other files. This was typically benign, since you typically set all the tags

anyway, but it was alarming since it was a side-effect.

- Accepts a directory dropped onto the form, and recursively processes everything

below it.

- Displays total time in hours.

- Double-clicking on a row on the Tag-Edit form lets you edit the tags of one track.

- Added variable mask entry capability for the track name and the comment. If the

entry includes a mask variable the actual value will be substituted when the tag

is assigned, within the 30 character length restriction.

Variables available: $I - Track counter (starts from 1); $N - Number of tracks total; $T - Track Name;

$B - Book / Album Name; $F - File Name; $A - Author / Artist; $K - Track number;

$G - Genre; $Y - Year; $C - Comment

-Added NFO file generation, at least as a first attempt.

February 8, 2001: Web site established:

- Incorporated more complete (although still crude and non-standard) help.

February 7, 2001: Interim bug-fix release:

- Incorporated checking of ID3 tag length, so that one cannot type a tag which

is too long.

- Incorporated ability to edit the prefix of the track name, so it can be

abbreviated intelligently by the user.

- Made handling of non-standard "Genre" tags more graceful; the first version

would stop reading the files with a non-descriptive error, now it just acts as

if the Genre is not set, and does not change Genre unless the user sets it.

February 2, 2001:

- Initial release; posted to alt.binaries.sounds.utilities for the use of the folks in the audiobooks groups.

Page Top released under the GNU/GPL license