Mp3 Book Helper

Main window hotkeys

By default Mp3BookHepler would respond to player control keys on multimedia keyboard.

F3 Select Files
F4 Select Directory
F5 Clear file list
Shift + F5 Clear file list and do not create .SFVT
F2 Set all selected tags for all files
Ctrl + Enter Preview in Batch Tags
Ctrl + F2 Show mask builder for current mask
F6 Generate playlist(s)
F7 Generate NFO file
F8 Create SFV file
F9 Create PAR and/or SFV
Ctrl+F3 Copy all ID3 v2 tags to ID3 v1
Alt+F3 Copy all ID3 v1 tags to ID3 v2
Ctrl+F5 Remove all ID3 v1 tags from all files
Alt+F5 Remove all ID3 v2 tags from all files
Delete Remove file from the list
Ctrl + Del Remove file from list to System Recycle bin
Ctrl + F Find and Replace dialog
F10 Edit tags or rename one File
Ctrl + F10 Filename to tags dialog
Ctrl + F9 Get tags from freedb
Alt + 1 Edit ID3v1 tags
Alt + 2 Edit ID3v2 tags
Ctrl + BackSp Undo last tag operation
Alt + BackSp Undo last rename operation

Some of this keys you could change using 'View' ->'Customize' Dialog.

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