Mp3 Book Helper

NFO Generation

After setting the ID3 tags in the step above, click on the "NFO Generator" tab near the top left of the screen. The program uses the ID3 tag and other file information to make its best guess at what you'd want to say in an NFO file. Fill in the remaining blanks; change anything you like (other than the "encoded at" field which already reflects reality).

Click 'Generate' -> 'NFO' (or hot key F7) to save the resulting file.

Created file would be show in internal text Editor and optionally External text Editor could be started.

Additional format Styles could be specified in options.

If you want custom or extended information in your NFO file then select Custom Template as NFO style and enter or select the name of template file.

Template file uses variables derived from information entered on NFO Generator screen and Set Tags variables for <FileList> and <FileItem> creation.

Example template (NFOtemplate.txt, NFOtemplateHTML.txt and NFOtemplateStandard.txt) installed to Mp3BookHelper application directory. This is short extract from this file.

General Information
 Title:                  <Title>
 Author:                 <Author>
 Read By:                <ReadBy><SkipEmpty>
 Copyright:              <PublicationDate><SkipEmpty>
 Audiobook Copyright:    <RecordingDate><SE>
 Genre:                  <Genre><SE>
 Publisher:              <Publisher><SE>
 Series Name:            <Series><SE>
 Position in Series:     <SeriesPosition><SE>
 Abridged:               <AbridgedYesNo>

File Information
 Number of MP3s:         <Mp3Files>
 Total Duration:         <Duration>
 Total MP3 Size:         <FilesSize> MB
 Cover Image present:    <IF><<FlagFile><*.gif><FlagFile><*.jpg>><YES><NO>

<FileListID3v1><<File> <FileSizeMB> <DurationHHMM> <EncBr> kbit/s <EncKHz> KHz>

Book Description

Other variables:

<Composer>, <EncodedBy>, <Copyright> and <Link> taken from ID3 tags

<NowDate> and <NowTime> Current system date

<FilesDate> <FilesTime> Earliest Sound File Creation Date and Time

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