Mp3 Book Helper

Creation of parity archive (PAR)

PAR/P01/./P?? (Parity Archive Volume Set) files are used for data recovery. Mp3BookHelper has interface only for PAR v1 set creation. Currently recovery is not enabled in this program. If you need to recover files use PAR clients . Mp3BookHelper offers you a simple interface for PAR file naming and has no intention to compete with general-purpose PAR clients FSRaid and SmartPAR.

To create the Parity Archive Volume Set after you updated Tags and/or renamed files press F9 or select 'Create PAR/SFV' from menu. You would be able to select number of PXX volumes for recovery. For each lost or corrupted mp3 file you would need one PXX volume to be able to recover original file. Only mp3 files are included in set. If you have files from more than one directory loaded to program PAR would be created for each directory.

One PAR volume set could contain up to 255 files. To work around this limitation Mp3BookHelper would create 2 or more sets for each directory with more than 255 files equally dividing mp3 files between volumes.

Example is 280 files. 2 sets would be created 1st would have files from 1 to 140 2nd set files from 141 to 280. You would be able to select suffix for this sets it could be 001_140 for set 1 and 141_280 for set 2. Or it could be a set number.

Example for file naming:

B001-280 Author - Book.mp3
B280-280 Author - Book.mp3
B000-280 Author - Book.sfv

PAR/PXXs created base on <2B>$0_<Total> <Author> - <Book>_ mask for base par file name:

B000-280 Author - Book_001_140.par
B000-280 Author - Book_001_140.p01
B000-280 Author - Book_001_140.p02
B000-280 Author - Book_141_280.par
B000-280 Author - Book_141_280.p01
B000-280 Author - Book_141_280.p02

You could create PAR set immediately or delay it creation using Schedule button. Schedule would put PAR/SFV creation command to Task Queue.

If you change you mp3 files after PAR or SFV was created you will get warning message when you try to close program or clear file list.

Drop Down list for PAR and SFV name mask contains recently used masks plus the last mask used for mp3 file renaming where all counter variables ('$i', '$I', '<Count>', '<Count1>', '$l', '$L', '<Count0>', '$k', '$K', '<Track#>') are replaced by place holder variable $0.

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