Mp3 Book Helper

Playlist Generation

Using "File - Select Files" or drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer (anywhere onto the form), bring all the files for a book into the program. You're quickly presented with a list of your files, with their sizes and durations, and the total size and duration of the set of files.

Click 'Generate' -> 'Playlists' in the menu or F6

If you enabled multiple playlists than enter your playlist limits, in "Max size" per playlist (typically for Rio users) or in "Max Length" (duration) (typically for tape users).

Select an output path in the "Playlist name" and "Playlist location" fields. For multiple playlists "Playlist name" is the prefix; it will have a sequence number appended to it. For example, if you enter "book" your first playlist will be "book.m3u" if only one file to be generated. Or "book01.m3u", "book02.m3u"... for multiple playlists depends on limit set.

To do another book, click 'File' -> 'Clear list' or F5

"Playlist name " is generated based on Mask for M3U Files. This could be changed in options. Default value is $A - $B

"Playlist location" defaults to location of mp3 files. If you change it than relative path would be used in m3u file (The same way as WinAmp does)

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