Mp3 Book Helper

Batch tags editing

Select the files to edit using "File - Select Files" or drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer (anywhere onto the form), bring all the files for a book into the program.

Click the tab labeled "Tags" near the top left of the screen to select the tag editing tabsheet.

Sort your files in order you want them to be played (enumerated). Click on column header to sort by this column. Column header icon indicates state of last sort operation: Normal, Smart and Reverse Sort. By default loaded files are sorted by name. If you file names have a numbers greater then 9 and there are no 0 in front for decade then your files may be sorted incorrectly by player and Mp3BookHelper. Use 'Smart sort file names' in this case "file 2.mp3" would be before "file 10.mp3". Also it is possible to change order of the files moving them manually. Use drag and drop for individual files or Ctrl Up/Down to move selected files in file list.

Use the "Select Tag" combo box to pick which tag you want to edit (i.e., replace), and enter the new tag value or Variables in the edit box below it. If you don>t want to type you could construct mask from variables using context menu or Mask help window.

To apply changes to files press the "Set for All" button. NOTE: There's no confirmation - the tags get set when you push that button. "Preview" button allows you to preview tags and file name changes for all files before actually applying this changes to files. [F2] and [Enter] on Keyboard also set currently selected tags. [Enter] works differently depending on the cursor position, preview label show what would be set: [AT] - All Tags, [OT] - One selected tag.

There are two sets of buttons "Preview" and "Set for All". Second row is enabled when "View/Edit all tags" is checked and will set all selected Tags not only the one selected in "Select Tag" combo box. Masks that use ID3 Tag variables ($A, $B.) will produce different strings for setting all tags and only one tag.

"Current mask yields" shows result for currently selected tag and in braces number of characters in this tag. Result depends on current cursor position in "Multiple Tags" ([AT] All) frame or in "Selected tag" edit box ([OT] One).

No changes are made to unchecked files in file list. Use file selection menu or popup menu to change which files you want to modify. By default all files are selected for modifications.

Use Variables to extract tag from file name.

Order in which multiple tags are set is following: Album, Artist, Track#, Year, Genre, Comment, Track Title, File Renamed. So if you use <Year> in Mask for Album name original value from file would be used, to solve this change year first using set one tag.

Keep in mind that in ID3v1 tags mode you are limited to a maximum number of characters for each tag field: Title, Artist and Album - max. 30 characters, Year - max. 4 characters, Comment - max. 28 characters.

If you made a mistake you are able to Undo each Tag Set operation you made.

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