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Editing tags manually one by one

To edit the tags of one file manually use tab 'Tags single file' or double-clicking on a file row or select 'Edit file tag' from menu 'Tags'. New form would be opened and you would be able to rename file or change selected in main form tags ID3v1 or ID3v2.

'Save' changes of selected file and move to next or previous file in list if options in 'Save and:' selected.

'Save' button is [Enter] on keyboard.

'Cancel' command will not save tags for the last file and will close this window.

You could move to any file without changes using arrow buttons or using 'File#' dropdown.

If you made a mistake you are able to undo changes you made to last N files, N defaults to 10 and could be changed in Options.

Tag editing mode allow you to set 1 and 2 version of ID3 at the same time.

1&2 mode: 2&1 mode:

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