Mp3 Book Helper

Export/Import ID3 or Ogg-tags to/from CSV, XLM or text file

With 'Save tags to file' functionality you can export your Mp3 files information to CSV (Comma - Separated - Values) and then easy export it to MS Excel or any other database or edit this file in you favorite text editor, and apply to mp3 tags or file names using 'Load tags from file' command.

To do this you need to:

1) Select tags type ID3v1 or ID3v2 in main form.

2) Select from menu 'Tags', 'Save tags to file'.

3) Select tags and file information you want to export.

4) Choose exported file name and press 'Save'.

Currently CSV, Text and XML file types are supported.

To import tags from text file and apply to your mp3 files you need:

1) Select tags type ID3v1 or ID3v2 in main form.

2) Select from menu 'Tags', 'Load tags from file'.

3) Choose file name and press 'Read file'. Information from this file would be shown in 'Data loaded from file:'.

4) Choose tags you want to Import and map column name from file to this tag.

5) 'Preview Tags' show changes in main window.

6) 'Apply Selected Tags' will change tags of you files.

You could change the way items (lines) in file are mapped to loaded files. Your options are: 'Line -> File', 'Line -> Checked File', 'Join using key'.

Special case 'Join using key' allows you to change only files with matching names or tags. In this case order of files and lines in text file do not affect changes made to files.

Join Example 1:

Text CSV file:

"Col1 File Name", "Col2 Tag 1", "Col3 Tag 2"
file1.mp3, Tag11, Tag12
file2.mp3, Tag21, Tag22

If you set Column "Col1 File Name" as key and Map it to file name than only files with names 'file1.mp3' and 'file2.mp3' would be changed.

Join Example 2:

"Old File Name", "New File Name"
file1.mp3, Tag11
file2.mp3, Tag21

If you set Column 'Old File Name' as key and Map it to 'File name' and 'New File Name' also maps to 'File Name' than only files with names 'file1.mp3' and 'file2.mp3' would be renamed to 'Tag11.mp3' and 'Tag21.mp3' accordingly.

You could set more than one key then all keys should mach.

"Old Album", "Old Artist", "New Album", "New Artist"
"Album1", "Artist1", "My New Latest Album", "New Artist"
"Album2", "Artist1", "My New Cool Album", "New Artist"

If "Old Album", "Old Artist" set as keys and mapped accordingly and "New Album", "New Artist" are mapped as values then all files with "Album1" and "Artist1" would be changed to "My New Latest Album", "New Artist". In fact it is easier to use find and replace in this case.

If you made a mistake in Import you are able to Undo complete import operation.

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